Home away from home.

“When you find yourself in some strange place, hostel life is where it starts as well. It’s not just an adventure; it’s a home away from home”

NEGS promises world class education, and brings all the quality facilities for the students to grow and compete with the world. And if we talk about the overall development of a student, hostel life plays a vital role in nurturing.

NEGS hostel sets the platform for the students to be self-dependant and don’t feel the need to rely on others to fulfil their primary tasks. Students are taught to be more responsible for their belongings, and develop a more careful and watchful attitude. Here students become more productive as a schedule bounds them. They tend to complete all their tasks and also learn time management.


Housing Facilities

NEGS hostel provides proper accommodation facilities for a large number of students to live comfortably. The hostel provides students with a single or shared air conditioning room, personal bed, tables, chairs etc.


Students get better opportunities in NEGS hostel for enhancing their academic and overall personality. Our schedule ensures to provide personal and guided academic support for all boarding students.

Mess and canteen Facilities

NEGS hostel offers well planned nutritional rich dining menus to take care about their health and fitness. Students have their early breakfast, brunch, lunch, evening refreshment and dinner in the classy dining hall. The hostel where students feel like as they’re at home in all the aspects.

Curricular and Entertainment Facilities

The hostel offers more extra-curricular activities for the students in their curriculum. These are practiced as after-school activities by the students. With the guidance of the national level sports coaches, students are allowed courts for badminton, football, tennis, basketball, swimming, theatre, etc. so that they can spend their time exploring their interests in the most productive manner.

24*7 Security, Medical and Care Facilities

In-house, medical and security provisions are standard in the hostel. Also, faculties such as wardens, caretakers are employed to look after the needs of the students. Since a student is living in the absence of their parents, they need somebody else to look after them in case of emergencies or other basic needs. Especially young children who need to be continuously guided in numerous activities. These all are taken proper care to provide the home like environment for the students in the hostel.


  • All the boarders are allowed to talk to their parents once every week according to the schedule.
  • Boarders can make a call to their parents on their birthdays and special days.


Tuck is available to students, on Sunday on demand. They can avail this facility
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