The Houses System

In a residential public school, the House System has special relevance. Not only is each House an autonomous unit under the care of House Masters, it is a structured community within which Students develop great feelings of loyalty, responsibility and leadership.

The five Houses are named after birds that are found on the campus – Lakshya, Ojas, Tapas and Udyam, House Captains and all other Student Officials are Students who have been chosen for their poise, confidence and the ability to take initiative. Their views are encouraged and they are given authority and responsibility. The school is divided into four Houses which compete on the sports field and in a wide variety of other disciplines such as art, dance, music, debating, quizzing and dramatics.

The Student Council, with a representation of Students, is actively involved in decision making, along with the captains, in matters related to school life.

The school is housed in large, airy buildings and dormitories, so as to develop a sense of belonging and team spirit.


School meals are carefully supervised by the staff members who look after the mess, and efforts are made to provide a balanced diet with a variety of vegetarian dishes. Non-Vegetarian meals are not served in school. Cuisines from India and other parts of the world are featured on the menu. Fresh fruit, vegetables and milk are provided every day, and extra or special food, if approved as necessary, is catered for. Teachers and students eat together at the table and the Mess Committee includes both staff and students.

Mentorship Programmr

The main objective of the mentoring programmes at NEGS is to foster a friendly partnership between the mentor and the mentee in order to develop a bond/relationship that gives the student the comfort of having a home away from home. The informal discussions and dialogues offer them fresh insights and help them cope with the myriad issues that a boarding school life may pose.All the students need and have a right to be part of an inclusive, responsive and friendly boarding community, an atmosphere where they can feel comfortable seeking help and guidance on any matter. Each teacher, who is the mentor, is responsible for a group of 10-12 students as mentees. The mentors, who have lunch with their mentees every day, also interact with them on a regular basis. This gives the mentor an opportunity to discuss a range of topics from academics to interpersonal relationships. The mentees often seek their mentors when they need a confidant or just a friendly sounding board.

Another aim of the mentoring program is to motivate and assist students to improve their academic performance while promoting a cohesive boarding school culture. The mentors take an informed interest in their mentees’ schedules, grades, and discipline to ensure that they are meeting their goals. The mentors also encourage their mentees to actively participate in sports, extracurricular activities and community service. Mentors often attend the sporting events, inter-house competitions or performances to support and boost the morale of their mentees.

Our fledgling mentoring program is proving to be successful in providing a sense of well-being and mutual respect between the mentors and mentees.

The students’ health, which is of paramount importance, is attended to by a well-qualified and experienced Doctor. The school has its own infirmary under the charge of a visiting doctors and nurses. At the beginning of the term, each child has to undergo a routine medical examination. Facilities for nursing of common, routine ailments, emergencies and accidents are available round the clock. When required, Students are taken to experienced specialists on our panel of doctors, who attend to them without delay. Regular visits are also conducted to the ophthalmologist who is on the panel of specialists.

Keeping in mind the benefits of individual therapy, the school has appointed a qualified counsellor who is available to the students. Students who require her help on a one-on-one basis visit her. The counselling sessions take place in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. It has been noticed that the student who receive professional help have been able to better understand themselves and people around them and have also been successful in working towards their desired goals. The school also arranges for periodic talk on issues that children frequently face in order to build resilience.

The School feels strongly that children must learn the value of discipline. Once the parents entrust their child to our care, we expect the parents and the child to follow the rules of the School.

A student found guilty of a serious breach of discipline can be expelled from the School without any liability on the part of the institution and the dues paid will not be refundable.

If during the academic session, any of the school staff or authorities are drawn into any litigation either by the student or by his/her Parent/Guardian, the school authorities reserve the right to cancel the admission of the concerned student without any prior notice, in order to maintain discipline and to safeguard the healthy atmosphere of the School from being vitiated.

Although the School takes all precautions for the safety of its students, it does not take any responsibility for accidents.

Attendance is of paramount importance and it is compulsory for students to be present on the first and last day of school. As a rule, Students are allowed to go out on designated Sundays and holidays. Outstation parents or grandparents may take Students out for lunch on specified Sundays. Night leave is allowed only once during the term only with parents or grandparents. At the beginning of each academic year, parents can send us names of visitors’ that includes names of local guardians.

No student of classes XI and XII will be permitted to take leave for coaching / counselling without prior permission.

Name of students who are absent for more than a week without permission and valid reason will be struck off the rolls.

The school expects every student to strictly follow the Leave Rules.