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Sachin Kumar

I, Sachin Sharma, am studying in the reputed and well-known New Era Global School and scored 90% marks in class 10th Board Examination. I would like to give the whole credit to my parents, my teachers and school management team. I want to share something regarding the effective system of the school I. e. 1. Our school has planned the whole academic year in such a manner that the reference books and NCERT books were solved daily. 2. After every Unit exam, the parents were called to analyze the result.  3. Sections of class were allotted according to the grades of the students due to get the desired outcome. 4. After completion of the syllabus, four preliminary exams were conducted for thorough analysis.

Pankti Gadhiya

As a part of New Era Family for years, I experienced many things that would be so helpful for my life now and ahead. It has been pleasure to be served by teachers of new era school and I would always look for them in all my gurus ahead in my lifeRarely may someone equalize them. New Era School has taught me everything in life including the knowledge out of the books, I got to learn true values of life, helping, caring, and even courteous responds to (kind of) antagonists. Teachers of the family are really so supportive and helpful in all the ways not just studies. I find myself lucky being a part of NEPS/NEGS for 5 years which is a considerable time. Thank you…

Jamin Detroja

I scored 95%  Thank you so much to NEGS faculty  This couldn’t have been possible without the proper guidance and support of teachers I felt grateful to have such a great team of teachers helping me in my studies Thank you NEGS team for all this support Thank you so much Hardik sir and pooja mam for ur advice which made me score so high today

The credit for my success, I would give to my parents & teachers. Every time teachers were there for me 24/7 for clearing my doubt & even they used different ways to teach as they were experienced. School management & all teachers had started preparing us from the very first day of standard 10th. They’d make sure that we don’t get stressed or overburdened with the board examination

Khushi adroja

New Era Global School” is the best school of the town. I studied in new era from L.K.G. to 10th standard. Teaching of this school is very well advanced than others. This school has everything it involves fun, knowledge everything. All the teachers are so amazing. They are the group of special, talented, intelligent and very educated. Along with studies this school also taught us how to become successful person.

New era is always first in studies, sports and everything. To understand how society works they use to take us various places like court, adani port, police station etc. In this school along with studies co-curricular activities are also focused. Child becomes so confident after studying in this school. At last I would say that studying in new era school was best thing in my life. I got very got result because of efforts and hard work of my teachers from new era, I am very thankful of them.

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