Sports Overview

Life’s greatest lessons are learnt on the games field and sports create an equal opportunity to shine and grow. Sports not only give children an outlet for channelizing their energy in a positive way but also help them in dealing with their emotions. At NEGS, Physical Education is an integral part of the daily school routine.

All students are expected to play games regularly. All sports disciplines are given equal importance and are played with great enthusiasm under the guidance of specialized coaches. School teams regularly participate in district, state, and national level tournaments. The Sports Day is an annual event of importance, generating great excitement as a culmination of a year-long inter-house sports competition.

NEGS has been an active participant and position holder in various meets held in different parts of the country. Our students also participate in the District State and National level following games.

Art Music And Dance

New Era Premises believes in the concept of Arts, Music, and Dance unites every individual from every cast and creed. Activity Building is the place where a child can emote his feelings which he does not in normal circumstances. A separate building and huge separate rooms for the Art, Music, and Dance lovers is present in the campus.

The rags and the instruments have an atmosphere build that every child forgets rest of the world and just unites with the music played in the premises. The dance grooves which make you love with self. The colors of Art room fill the atmosphere and life of students with colors of Joy, freedom of expression.


Co-Curricular activities are as important at NEGS as Academics. They help create a fine balance between the mind and the body and at the same time develop the aesthetic sensibilities of the students. Each activity offered at the school is taught by a trained professional in the field.

Students choose any two activities from among the disciplines offered by the school.

NEGS is deeply rooted in Indian culture and we hope to inculcate an appreciation of our heritage in the students.

Outward Bound

Travel is an essential part of learning and students are escorted on educational tours to many parts of the country and overseas. The entire school moves out on trips and treks. At other times, smaller groups undertake specialized educational tours to places of historical, scientific and geographical interest.

Adventure sports form an important part of the school curriculum. The School believes that it helps bring out leadership, responsible behavior, care for the environment and respect for culture. The School is able to take advantage of its splendid location in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas.

A summer trek is also arranged to places deeper in themountains for the benefit of those students who wish to participate in serious trekking. The planning and execution is the responsibility of the students themselves, advised by a Staff coordinator.

The International Award for Young People (IAYP)

The school encourages students to be part of the IAYP (International Award for Young People) Program, earlier known as The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. The international award is an exciting self-development program available to all young people, equipping them with life-skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and the world.

The award concept isone of individual challenge designed to encourage young people to develop into responsible, active citizens. The award has three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold. For each award, participants have to complete levels of requirements in the following areas: Service, Skill, Physical Recreation, AdventurousJourney.

Community Service

At NEGS, we believe in developing social responsibility through competitive events and also through community service. Not only do we learn to understand and appreciate differences but also learn to make a difference to the less fortunate than ourselves. Community service is a natural extension of the school routine and every Wednesday afternoon i dedicated to working with the community we belong to. Students spend time with the elderly; teach the underprivileged street children various skills that would help them become independent. Student organize fund-raising activities by baking, making items out of recycled paper, sanitary napkins and light bulbs, amongst others for various relief organizations.’Shramdaan’ on the occasion of ‘Gandhi Jayanti’ is a regular fixture on the school calendar, when the entire body of students and teachers replaces the support staff to clean and sweep the classrooms and dormitories.

Environmental Activities

Go Green

The school is committed towards protecting the environment and creating an awareness towards a greener planet. Rainwater harvesting is practiced and solar energy is used to heat water in the hostels and kitchens. Nature walks, tree plantation drives, birding, cleanliness programmes and recycling of waste material and paper are taken up very seriously. All the paper used in school is recycled to make hand-made paper, bags, file covers, wrapping paper etc. The proceeds from the sale of these bags are diverted towards Community Service Programmes. Environmental Science is offered as a subject up to class XII. Students are actively involved in campaigns to raise awareness for conservation of the environment and wildlife.

Life Skills

Regular workshops are conducted by professionals to instill life skills in students. These workshops help students recognize, manage and cope with emotions and help maintain a healthy body and mind. Well-known authors and professionals from varied fields are also invited to speak to and interact with the students.