The Academic buildings combine elegance and majesty required for an institution of learning. Safety and Security are of international standards CCTV, Fire Extinguishers, 2 Broad Stairs and open space on each floor.

The Classrooms are spacious enough to accommodate students comfortably. With big size windows in each class allowing enough sunlight and fresh breeze. Each classroom has its own comprehensive projectors, Computer System, Connection to Internet and all basic amenities required for students to learn comfortably.

  • School Building also Inhouses
  • State of the art Computer labs
  • Maths lab
  • Social Science Lab
  • Language Lab
  • Multipurpose audio visual Room
  • Breaks and Community gathering arena
  • A large Library


NEGS offers a rich programme of extra-curricular activities that develop students’ individual aptitudes and collaborative skills, while a wide range of educational trips broaden their understanding of the world.

We provide many opportunities for our students to showcase their artistic, dramatic and musical talents. As well as staging theatrical productions, students participate in our annual day celebration and exhibition to showcase their talents and skills learned and mastered throughout the year.

In addition to many sports clubs, we offer a range of extra-curricular activities including Elocution and Extempore competitions to remove stage fear and sharpen their public speaking skills, Debates and Groups Discussions to develop logical and argumentative skills, PPT Presentations to develop much essential professional presentation skills. Best out of waste and art-craft and drawing competitions to nurture artist in them. Inter House Dance, Drama and Singing and musical band- to name but a few.


Life at NEGS is further enriched by regular inter-house and inter-school competitions; visits by various dignitaries, artists, scientists and business leaders and medical workshops;

“There is… a very wide range of enrichment activities promoting students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development alongside their academic achievement.”

This building in houses

  • Science Labs (Physic, Chemistry, & Biology)
  • Robotics and Tinkering Labs
  • Indoor Sports Rooms (Chess, Caroms , Darts, Table Tennis, etc.…)
  • Western and Indian Dance Rooms
  • Western and Indian Music Rooms
  • Drawing , Art and Craft Rooms
  • Drama Theatre
  • Rifle Shooting Arena


A separate administrative building is designed in a way that separates all paper and official work done under one roof. Also this enables better services to parents and students and reduces any foot traffic in school building.


  • New Era Schools, Morbi a new child emerged in the year __ called the *New Era Pre-primary
  • Section*  with 1 school and 3 branches running under it, New Era Global School’s Pre-primary section focusing on the overall development of a child with the best known methodology called MONTESSORI METHODOLOGY.
  • Our curriculum focuses on key development in children between the ages of three and five-years-old. Students focus on honing large muscle and language skills.
  • Students work on fine motor skills and completing everyday activities, such as cooking and arts and crafts, gross motor, fine motor. Child centered learning, learning methods and materials on all subjects and topics both Inspires creativity of a child, our curriculum focused on hands-on learning allowing students to focus on activiti s until they are properly mastered.



NEGS has a strong foundation and facilities to develop sporting tradition and wants to achieve an enviable record of success in a wide variety of sports at both individual and team level.

Sport provides an excellent way to develop motivation, perseverance and teamwork –characteristics that not only support academic success but are also highly valued by employers. It promotes fitness and a healthy lifestyle, as well as being a source of fun and enjoyment.

In addition to Indoor Sports facilities, NEGS students enjoy a numerous option of indigenously developed FOOTBALL FIELD, TENNIS COURT, VOLLLEYBALL COURT, BASKETBALL COURT, SKETING RINK, SWIMMING POOL, RUNNING TREK and special Kids Play area.

We encourage everyone to participate in a broad range of activities both outside and indoors. In addition, we promote leadership skills through the Schools Sports caption nomination– for Also dedicated staff who coach our many squads. They also organise regular sporting tours to take part in various competitions.

“There is a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports, so there is something for everybody.”


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