Welcome to New Era Global School

New Era Global School is a family that dreams a vision, a vision to bring the best of educational practices researched around the world applied in the Indian context with Deep rooted Indian Values, all under one roof. NEGS nourishes young wards to build a foundation so culturally rich and intelligent that they can face the world as strong and humble human beings. Our mentors are constantly and willingly striving to change the monotonous educational system and bring in new practical practices that can teach students to think intensively and critically.

“Intelligence Plus Good Character is the Goal of Education.”

And we, at New Era Global School are determined to build a generation of finest students who graduate as all-rounders from our campus.

Many years of hard work and discipline have been added to the foundation of NEGS which are distinctly observed in its other associated schools and educational institutions. What makes NEGS so different from all other schools in our district? The best of educated minds and the best of infrastructure are alloyed to form vibgyor premises. From lush green environment to updated smart classes to associate the teachers for the best of both the natural and technical world; from indoor arenas and theatre to outdoor tracks and grounds for cerebral and corporal sharpening of the ward. Sanskrit recitals and cultural events make NEGS stand apart as it promotes imparting knowledge that thrives on human values.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all!” – Aristotle

Our Mission

New Era Global School has envisioned a society where education is no more a facility that families ask for, but rather a trait that everyone is growing up along. We have worked in the field of education for 40 years to able to build an infrastructure where the child can dare to dream, learn to their fullest potential, achieve excellence, and be lifelong learners.

We wish to provide an environment so lush that the child grows fond of their rich culture, traditions, and history, to provide an environment so green and clean that the child learns to love and protect the Earth and value its resources, to provide opportunities so vast that encourages them to develop multiple intelligence whilst appreciating other cultures and views of the world. Vestibulum sed ante. Donec sagittis euismod purus.Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam ,eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo.

Our Vision

“Global Educational Leader Nurturing Individual’s capacity to the fullest”

Our Philosophy

Committed to offering an education that provides students with self-confidence, digital literacy and social skills that will enable them to make the most of all life’s opportunities.

However, we remain focused on preparing our students for the next steps in their lives. During their time at NEGS, we want our students to develop not only their academic knowledge and practical skills, but also the independent learning ability and self-stating attitude that will help them to succeed in higher education, forge a rewarding career and make a positive contribution to society.

Committed to offering an education that provides students with self-confidence, digital literacy and social skills that will enable them to make the most of all life’s opportunities.

Our Journey

21st century kids are blessed to be born in an era where they can utilize technology and traditional modus operandi to help them grow and achieve their professional dreams. Yet, what is lacking in a traditional and modernized school that New Era School group is providing? A holistic development! We, at New Era Global School and New Era Public School are looking forward to providing an education where the kids are also taught human values embedded with practical knowledge, values as well as gadget maneuvers.The foundation of New Era Group was laid about 4 decades back when Shri. Devshibhai Padaliya started teaching in Morbi. He dedicated many years to teaching and served as a managing director to a private school for 28 years before he decided to give full time to his dreams and visions of having a modernized yet traditional touch in the field of education to enhance a child’s abilities. He was a pioneer in planning institutes like New Era public School, Navjeevan Vidhyalay, Sharda Vidhyalay & Nilkanth Vidhyalay. With such prodigious experience, his work received much love and praises.

New Era Public School started in 2004 affiliated with CBSE course and 2250 students. Today after many passing batches; Morbi has experienced a blend of values and practical education imparted by New Era Group who has decided to expand its campus on a much larger scale to benefit the students with a comprehensive development.

The new global campus is being developed under the guidance of Mr. Hardik Padaliya, Executive Director for New Era Global School and his wife Mrs. Pooja Padaliya, President and Academic Head for New Era Global School. The love and understanding for educational needs in a small town like Morbi was passed on to Mr. Hardik from his father Mr.Devshibhai Padaliya. In his growing years before he shifted to USA for his further studies and work he used to observe how passionate is his father for changing the educational system and how much was his father willing to work hard to bring about the best of quality teaching and learning process to aid the students. He and his wife left a lucrative future in the United States and shifted to India after doing a lot of research in the field of educational institutes. They are firm believers of value education viz. knowledge merged with human values.

The New Era Group wants to provide the best of amenities to create interest and opportunities for students for which they had to travel very far looking for school who could provide the same.  Hardikbhai and his team are taking huge efforts to bring one and all educational requirements that shall be fulfilled under one roof, on one premises only called The New Era Global School.

Mr. Hardik Padaliya

The Executive Director

New Era Global School is built on principals of academic excellence, sporting prowess, artistic achievement and community service. While preserving the best traditions from the past, we are a forward-looking school.As an academy we aim to offer the best possible education through a simulating curriculum, a wealth of opportunities beyond the classroom and strong pastoral support.

Important though academic success is, it is just one aspect of life at NEGS. We want our students not only to fulfil their academic potential but also to develop their talents for the creative arts, sport and leadership.

This mission is underpinned by the values of NEGS – Opportunity, Learning, Creativity, Achievement, Respect, Integrity, Community, Challenge and Enjoyment.I hope this prospectus will give you a flavour of our enthusiasm for learning, our community spirit and our commitment to become an even better school.


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